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Roller Banners

putting up pop up banner

Our standard roller banners are floor standing and easy to erect. They are printed onto a premium lightblock material with an anti-glare protective laminate. We also supply each unit with its very own carry case so you can transport around from place to place if required.

These units are extremely useful to showcase your brand and offers in all types of spaces. These can be used in small offices, receptions, banks, shopping centres etc.

These competitively priced roller banners a great selling tool for any sector and a must have exhibition display!

roller banner with caseProduct Details
•Graphic area: 850x2000mm
•Total banner size: 850x2200mm (200mm is in the bottom cassette)
•Stable banner stand with two feet
•Carry Case

Banners cassette base



Custom Feather Flag

Display flag feather flagcar show flag

What are custom feather flags?

They are pretty simple really, but can do much to promote your business, product or service.
Great for car clubs, Rotary, Round Table or any event where you pitch outside.

They consist of a stand, and a flag made from materials that flap in the breeze. They can be any height from 6’ all the way up to 10 or 12 feet, depending on your needs. They are easy to put up and take down, stand up well to the elements, and best of all are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise. People passing by are naturally drawn to the flapping sound they make when the wind blows, drawing their attention to your brand or logo.

Businesses can use feather flags just about anywhere. They can be put up outside your business on the pavement, or if you are setting up at a fair or outdoor event they can be used to draw people to your stand. They are flexible, and with a weight or stake on the bottom of the stand can withstand the wind. With the height advantage people will see your logo from a distance and know exactly who and where you are! They can be quite colorful, and have a number of different graphic options. You can set them up and take them down in minutes, with many even having their own carry cases.

Specs (what you get) 3.2m frame, flag and base.


Please note these are very large printed items so we need high resolution images.

What is the best image quality?

A digital camera set to 4 megapixels or more should provide an adequate image size for us to work with. Some people may reduce the number of megapixels to fit more images on a memory card. Please check your settings.
Please note that we cannot accept
• a picture taken using the camera on your mobile phone (less than 4 Mega Pixel) or
• a picture taken by a camera less than 4 Mega Pixel.